GPatelier is an architectural practice handling projects mainly in the public, housing, interior design and furniture domains in the new environment as well as renovation and transformation. Often it operates in the field of art too, with visual artworks, installations, and site-specific interventions. We believe architecture, design, and art need a constant exchange and they should not only operate in technical terms but also in terms of human and environmental factors. We respond to your surroundings and are driven by your satisfaction, greater than our own.

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furniture, interior, sketches, housing
furniture, interior, sketches, housing
interior, mixed use, housing
interior, mixed use, housing
competition, mixed use, urban design
competition, urban design, housing
interior, mixed use, concept, sketches
concept, sketches, installation, green
interior, mixed use, concept



what we do

Our skills are in permanent flux and are updated through a constant dialogue with you and by the things that inspire us.


It includes all phases, from concept through to on-site supervision: permits, bidding, and budget analysis.

interior design

The identity of the spaces conceived by quality materials, colors, lights, appliances, installations, and costs.

furniture design

High range of unique, detailed elements and accessories: simple and user-oriented.

Transformation & renovation

Give new life by developing existing qualities, making responsible additions and amplifying original soul.


Creation of products which are functionally and aesthetically successful, blending technology and handcrafts.

scale models

Evaluation of behavior, appearance, requirements, qualities, and properties of a design.

3d modeling & renderings

Model composition and realistic image configuration for virtual representation of the design.

advice & consulting

By understanding and strategically mapping out data, we give highly informed and dedicated solutions.


By understanding and strategically mapping out data, using diagrams, visualizations, and other mediums, we deliver documents and services for all phases; from consultancy and design to on-site supervision. Continuously crossing the border between the conceptual and the actual, we keep our focus on the users and on the uses of the building through participatory planning, multilayered programs, and environmental integration.


When we develop a design for the interior we guide the users in a creative journey towards the realization of their wishes. Colors, lights, materials, and textures will express their identity and individual taste. We provide complete documentation from concept to realization, through bidding and budget analysis. Our design is directed to stimulate and inspire the development and the well being of the users to which our solutions are tailored.


It has always been one of our biggest passions. We are able to design, create and execute pieces that are functionally and aesthetically successful, with a mix of technology, handcraft, and traditional techniques. Our design balances between function and form, detail and whole, usability and physical ergonomics, simplicity, and avant-garde, innovation and expression. We let the piece express its value and identity, whilst enhancing the features of it’s surrounding.


We advise and assist artists in the development of their projects and realization of their works. We develop our own artistic projects as well, especially for site-specific intervention and installations. Our interventions are conceived as tools of awareness about contemporary life issues.

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Research & More

GP LAB is our blog through which we want to share our experimental side and our research. It does not aim to present final products or design solutions: rather, it is an open window on our doings in the backstage, without a filter of any sort.
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Whether you’re looking for answers or want to let us know about your ideas and comments or wish to collaborate in our projects, don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to answer you quickly.