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Thanks to our multidisciplinary nature and traditional approach, we like to define ourselves as an atelier more than an office or studio. In this era of economic crisis, wild modernization, marketing approach of human relationships, economic profit as main goal, environmental – social – cultural - political problems and contradictions, hypocrite democracy and materialistic lifestyle, we believe in architecture as a mission and tool of awareness. We feel called to analyze, understand and find efficient ways to a better life and living, so that architecture becomes an understandable, engaging message and social tool which can directly influence the quality of people’s lives. The atelier gives importance to neglected architectural aspects, analyzing what influences and changes our mind and the perception of our surrounding. We work in constant self-reflection, re-positioning and re-inventing ourselves for conscious decisions, adapting according to every project’s needs with a “functional art” aim. Our choices are the most efficient expression in reference to the conditions under which we create, whether in low or high budget. Following technological advances, we question current architectural and design developments, investigating potential alternatives, innovative concepts, flexibility and comfort, new materials and multilayered programs. Inspiration is both the foundation of what we do and the result we wish to achieve. Quality is our value. We reach it through high standards, and aim for timelessness. We experiment, we touch, we feel, we try, we fail, and we succeed. We demand a connection between objects and/or spaces/places with people and people with people.


We don’t have a specific target person or people or a specific type of client. We don’t look for them; they choose us. If you are interested in becoming involved in a journey towards the realization of your project, GPatelier is the place for you. We build a story, a documentary about what we create, and we create it with you. You will not choose from a catalog, you will not get what you already have seen: you will experience the transformation of your idea into reality and we will guide each other in a multisensory unique experience. We listen, design and build together in an exchanging process. 


We think beyond the conventional. We do not only answer today’s or tomorrow’s needs but develop a perspective which is able to enhance values, behavior, and well-being. It’s not just about what you see but also what you feel.


We try to keep costs in strict relationship with quality, respecting our client’s choice.


Hallmarks of our doings are a sharp focus on our assignment, commitment, and reliability.


We aim to provide articulate design solutions with which the user can engage easily.


Through it we become sensitive to problems, define research and identify solutions. 


We work with sustainability in a broader sense: respect of nature, respect of resources, respect for people and comfort. We use natural sources as much as possible, resulting in a minimized use of technology and low impact.



giuliano pappadopoli

GPatelier Architect Director

Giuliano Pappadopoli (1977) is an Italian architect and designer. He founded GPatelier in 2016 where he is responsible for direction and management. He studied at Polytechnic University of Bari (Italy) where he graduated with a five years Master's degree in Architecture in 2008. Additionally, he has attended a Technical Institute with a focus on industrial design, mechanical drawings, and technology. Since his childhood, he constantly took part in his father’s woodworking shop where, through 20 years experience, he practiced and developed excellent skills in Furniture Design and Interiors. In 2018 he started to develop his own furniture collection, which will be soon available for purchase online. Before founding his own Amsterdam-based Atelier he worked at leading architectural offices such as LEVS architects. He has taken part of several design competitions, in which he varyingly ranked amongst the highest positions. Currently, he collaborates with architects, artists, designers, and makers, making GPatelier a hub for resonating structural experimentation, investigating the influence of architectural elements on self-creation of local communities as well as the contribution of community participation in architectural development. Thanks to his multidisciplinary background and research-based design method, Giuliano produces provocative, philosophical and subversive works, which also brought him into the art field with several exhibitions and installations. Well known for his sketches, designing skills, and concept development capabilities, he believes architecture should not aim at self-satisfaction mania, but rather, in terms of human and environmental factors. Challenging the conventional, he likes to bring architecture into any aspect of life and into any discipline. He directs his work towards a smart and more sustainable future through participatory planning, where the emotions and sentiments of objects, spaces, and places come from people and the other way around, in a multisensory experience.


We don’t really have a permanent team. We operate as a network of specialists in intense cooperation with the client. Our philosophy is aimed at the openness and involvement of different people in each of the various projects and steps. Through the optimization of communication and the sharing of knowledge and capabilities, we make sure to provide each time all the suitable skills and expertise in order to reach successful solutions. We use cross-pollination between disciplines and projects as a tool to support passionate critical debate amongst us and stimulate it outside. Our latest collaborations:

- EHBK | Cultural Center | NL
- Carmela Pascarelli | Architect | IT
- Paolo Marra | Web Developer | IT
- Quim Laurens | Electronic Technician | ES
- Anita Horvath | Artist | HU
- Francesco Pappadopoli | Master Artisan | IT
- Meneer Helderder - Cliff Lesmeister | Architects | NL

Our Approach

GPatelier launches every assignment by clearly mapping out all the required and usable information of the client and end users. The requirements are set in place in a convincing manner within a clear and engaging plan concept. We establish an integral collaboration, mutual challenges, and inspiration. A process of analysis, dialogues, and visualization about the technical and financial aspects determines the core of the assignment. In close consultation with the client, we record all the steps producing several flexible design models. We evaluate multiple fitting solutions and developments keeping in mind needs and ambitions. These data will form a program, which will guide the detailing and realization of the project within the scope of schedule, budget and planning constraints. We listen, design and build together.

Why they like us


what they say about us

Giuliano stands out for intense experimentation, methodological rigor, originality and quality of research. The level of his solutions shows a maturity of expression that surpasses the common professional work conventions.
michele beccu | rome | it
He proved to be able to propose and share ideas in a team chiefly due to his great skills in design. He showed great interest and offered constructive criticism in the projects settling himself in a qualified position.
adriaan mout | amsterdam | nl
He showed to be creative and very professional in all phases of the project. He also provided me with an exhaustive booklet with the descriptions of all technical aspects and details of his creation.
paolo iodice | haarlem | nl
Giuliano is a versatile architect; his passion for his work creates beyond standards results. At GPatelier they were able to combine physics, architecture, design, and art in order to obtain functional and beautiful solutions for my apartment. Giuliano is very creative and rigorous, a true professional and creative genius.
alessandra luzzani | amsterdam | nl
GPatelier brought some fresh and smart ideas for using the internal space at best. Not only, but Giuliano's carpentry skills also let him transform his ideas and his sketches in perfect real furniture elements. Working with him has been a great (and funny!) experience, something to repeat.
fabio boccuzzi | bari | it

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furniture, interior, sketches, housing
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interior, mixed use, housing
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competition, urban design, housing
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