House boat interior renovation

House boat interior renovation Featured

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We have been contacted to re-design the interiors of a houseboat partially used as B&B. The project is based on the addition and modification of rooms on three floors.

The new rooms will define a specific layout in which there is a separation between the private areas, client’s (and relatives) rooms, and the public areas, tourist’s rooms.

The scope of the separation is: 1) offer tourists spaces that are clearly and smartly designed specifically for them in which they can develop an affinity with the environment and explore easily and dynamically the services; 2) design specifically according to client’s own areas and protect client’s (and relatives) wellness, privacy and pleasant enjoyment of their spaces by defining their borders. 

The two areas, private and public, will only share a kitchen and the entrance. We will carefully understand the impact of each area on its opposite and define the quality of the borders and crossing aspects. We will provide all the necessary (technically, functionally and aesthetically) to guarantee the respect of health, wellness, and pleasure of the users.

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