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We are happy and proud to launch our new website. Over the past months, we have been busy planning/designing our new interface with the public.

It is the result of an intense collaboration between Giuliano (our architect) and Paolo Marra (web developer) which we thank infinitely. As friends and professionals, they have shared their skills and knowledge in order to offer a high quality of content, attractive design and performance to ensure easy usability and satisfaction of the visitors.

Giuliano focused on the creation of a simple and intuitive layout with a proper arrangement of content through clearly defined featured blocks. The contrast between three colors, white background, attractive panoramic images, fluent animations, and plain text give intuitive and direct navigation.

Paolo gave his technical support for every kind of problem that appeared during the programming and according to Giuliano's requests. His technical skills and valuable suggestions have contributed to achieving a final organic vision and responsive navigation that will allow visitors to serenely experience the site no matter which device they are using.

Through the division into 6 clear categories, we will offer a journey through our activities, experiments, projects, concepts, and research: HOME contains an overview of all our vital parts listed organically and functionally; NEWS section offers the latest news about our activities in a clear and organized way; ATELIER page softly describes who we are, how we work and what we do; in PROJECTS, we list all our works, realized, in progress, conceptual, they are divisible into categories for an addressed approach; GPLAB is our blog through which we spontaneously tell about our research and experimentation as an open window on our backstage.

GPatelier is also working on design products which soon will be available for purchase online at the GP shop page.

We will never consider our website fully ready. We will continuously make changes, update contents and develop usability. Therefore we apologize for malfunctions and mistake of any sort and we wish you a pleasant journey in GPatelier.

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Whether you’re looking for answers or want to let us know about your ideas and comments or wish to collaborate in our projects, don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to answer you quickly.