Life - A.L.F.
Life - A.L.F.
Life - A.L.F.
Life - A.L.F.

Life - A.L.F.

Inspired by nature, “Life” celebrates the birth of light as the primeval condition of an organism. Light as an entity in a womb adapts to its surrounding and expresses energy from ‘inside’ calling people to relate to their own original existence and to the actuality of the space around them. It shows individual freedom and power, but also responsibilities towards other beings and co-existence as a basic universal value. The artwork emphasizes gravity, transparency, the temporality of perception and tension between the inner and the outer. Such as in life it stimulates metaphysical forces to explore conviviality, habitability and cultural approach in a non-hierarchal rhizomatic model for society.

Visitors will be immersed and engaged in a sequence of biomorphic structures evocative of a shell, an egg, a nest, an embryo, a womb, a free interpretation of an abstract living organism. The sensual tension in the elasticity of the material and sinuous shades of colors and lights will seductively lead the eyes along the organic surfaces in a shared spatial and social experience. Unapproached, shells behave autonomously in their own ecosystem transmitting waves of colors through different light intensity. Once a shell is approached, the light changes its behavior according to visitor’s distance and gestures. This new level of interaction will stimulate the permeation of boundaries by making communication possible in between different creatures, and evoking innocence and a return to childhood instinct. The installation offers a moment of respite from the bustle of everyday life and its rigid grid, calming the mind, tuning the senses and perception, providing an opportunity to slow down and reconnect with ourselves and the outer world.

From our technology to our spirituality, we are creatures of light. “Life” uses light as the core of the artwork. Here, light doesn’t just illuminate shapes, diffuse colors and create shadows as a mere spectacle. Light is itself the essential protagonist of the piece; it symbolizes elemental existential conditions and makes invisible connections visible in a cause-effect situation. It is an attempt to point out that there is no separation between human and nature or human and another human. The shapes symbolize natural growth and engage people in a poetic, sense based exploration and metaphysical investigation about space and time. From the internal to external, from microscopic to macroscopic, “life” resembles a womb we are all part of and reminds us of unity and questions our own fundamental origin of existence.

“Life” consists of 9 sinuous hanging multilayered shells. The outer shell is made of a translucent stretchy material, which is fire retardant and doesn’t accumulate water. A hanging chamber keeps the shell suspended, contains sensors and RGB LED and let the electrical cable reach the inner shells made of 2 translucent plastic hollow balls one of which contain an RGB LED ball and 2 sensors. Shells are hanging from suspended net attached to trees or poles (preferably in a natural context/location). Proper cabling system will ensure stability and positioning. Sealants will guarantee the water will not go through the hanging chamber and the balls where the electrical cable goes in. Materials and multilayered system ensure the protection of all the parts from external factors.

Amsterdam [NL]
Light interactive artwork
Giuliano Pappadopoli
Quim Laurens, Altairo Forms
art, competition