Cluster houses
Cluster houses
Cluster houses
Cluster houses
Cluster houses
Cluster houses
Cluster houses

Cluster houses

The City of Freiburg invited architects to design a plan for 450 houses and facilities. In LEVS' proposal, the new district meets the passive house standards and combines a compact urban consolidation with a modern garden city concept.

The cluster houses are located on the north side of the compact blocks in a big green area provided with specific vegetation and park facilities. The compact blocks divide the private and public spaces and use.

A public “street” with regulated traffic access serves the entire area and a special underground parking has been designed under these collective spaces. General subdivision, typology and individual designs for the blocks are independent of the underground parking development.

The range of the houses varies from 30m² to 250m² to satisfy the different inhabitants. The landscape design follows the existing vast green area and the “Bachaue”. Three high public buildings mark the area as quarter new references providing attractive perspective views and landmarks.

Gpatelier took part of the design team in this competition. Giuliano assisted the team leader in defining the urban design, he graphically composed the architectural solutions and strategies (schemes, renderings, sections, and elevations) and he created a scale model.

Freiburg [DE]
450 houses and facilities | underground parking | park
7th place
Main team
LEVS architecten
GP assignment
Assistant project leader | Visuals | Scale model builder
competition, housing, urban design